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40 years of work with traditional cultures

To strengthen helpful intercultural dialogues, which foster openness and fight against discrimination, L'Association Nationale Cultures & Traditions (ANCT), persuaded of the important role of culture in understanding people, has always been involved in actions that enable the creation of links among worldwide cultural heritages. Thus, the ANCT carries out, throughout the year, a varied culural programming : concerts, workshops, programs including international cooperations, shows, artistic residencies, internships, international meetings, and so on.

For more than 40 years, the ACNT has been working on the topic of traditional cultures and world cultures. It has become a multidisciplinary cultural center in a rural environment. By combining tourism, heritages, cultures, traditions and artistic design, it supports meetings, and artistic expression about cultural diversity and spiritual cultural heritages. It offers a variety of activities : 

  • « The World Cultures » Festival. For 40 years now, Gannat has been opening its arms to the world during the last week of July : 15 groups, 450 artists from the 5 continents, 500 volunteers and about 65,000 visitors, all create an alchemy that transforms Gannat into a magical place where meetings and exchange between populations are possible. This Festival is listed among the 4 biggest events in the Auvergne Region.

  •   International production and programming. The expertise of the ANCT to organize cultural events makes it easier to support other types of program in design creations, montage activities and the programming of events, for which the ANCT provides its knowledge and networks. The ANCT handles each year about 800 artists for 500 days of programming in France and abroad. In order to  accomplish this, it utilises networks made-up of numerous international NGOs (the CIOFF, the European Council of Music, the International Council of Dance, and so on).
  • Agenda : concerts, balls, artists in residency, CD production... throughout the year.

  • The School of Knowledge and Traditional Arts. The School of Knowledge and Traditional Arts is a place where savoir-faire and traditional arts such as dancing, sculpting, basketwork, copperware, mask design, story-telling, and others, are transmitted and artistically promoted. The project of The School of Knowledge is nowadays to create a permanent documentation center in order to carry on its rôle of a heritage medium.
  • The highlighting programs. The association organizes throughout the year numerous cultural events, and also participates in different programs with a local, regional, or even international dimension, about various topics but always maintaining its local identity and the openness to the world.
  • Masks and Masquerades - multiple Faces of Europe : is a platform for thought via a formidable medium of exchange. The ambivalence of the masks enables discussion of points-of-view according to generations, artistic disciplines, religions, territories, and so on. The project is coordinated at the European level, and backed by the Culture of the European Community department.
  • Popular Cultures and Living Natinal Treasures : a program that adds value to the intangible heritage of Vichy-Auvergne territory. Its aim is to identify, collect and highlight the traditional knowledge and savoir-faire belonging to this territory, in partnership with local and regional institutions, and the European Community.
L'Association Nationale Cultures & Traditions (ANCT) works according to the principles of the 1901 Law, which manages non-profit organizations. The ANCT offers activities to the public through efforts of the volunteers (up to 500 individuals for « The World Cultures» Festival). They elect every year a Board of Directors during the annual General Assembly. Anybody can join the teams formed according to their interests.

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Since December 2011, the Association Nationale Cultures & Traditions has been accredited as an « official NGO partner of UNESCO »