Arianna, a network for promoting popular cultures

5 countries, including France, join together their forces to add value to their popular culture

A Euro-Mediterrean network for popular cultures

Our association just joined a new Euro-Mediterranean network called ARIANNA, via the invitation from the Italian Network for Popular Culture.
Pierre-Julien CANONNE was in Turin on January 29th, to attend the launching meeting and press conference organized for the occasion. Nowadays, this network gathers partners from 5 countries : Italy, Spain, France, Morocco and Greece.
ARIANNA is made up of private organizations (associations, foundations) and local authorities that work for popular culture : dance, music, popular celebrations, cooking, crafts, tales, traditional games, and so on ; and that benefit from the support of the CRT Italian Foundation.
First-of-all, student researchers make an interactive cartography to identify popular celebrations still going on in our territories.
Then, a Euro-Mediterranean wandering festival will be set up, to enable artist exchanges and a dialogue between countries located around the Mediterranean coastline.
We bet that in the coming years, this young and encouraging network will be an interesting source of cooperation for Cultures & Traditions, and that it will host new partners.
Arianna network meeting – Turin, January 29th, 2013
Arianna network meeting – Turin, January 29th, 2013