Since its creation, L'Association Nationale Cultures & Traditions (ANCT) has been involved in actions that set up links among worlwide cultural heritage. The aim is to strengthen intercultural dialogues and make it more helpful, which fosters openness and is a struggle against discriminations.


"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success."
Henry FORD
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Participating means being freely involved and committed to the gears of the activities of the association, depending on ones' availability and skills.

Vincent, on the way to happiness...

On a trip from Clermont-Ferrand to Paris with 2 video cameras in hand, looking for happy people...

The Administrative Team

The Administrative Team of the Association Nationale Cultures & Traditions is compound of active members elected during the General Assembly.

In compliance with the ANCT statutes, they are elected for 3 years and a third of them are changed every year.
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" Les petits passeurs de mémo'arts " is a project to guide secondary school students (11-15 years old), in their discovery of their country and its " Living Human Treasures " and how they are transmitted through arts and cultures.

Call for an artistic project about the « Bourrée »

This call is part of an artistic framework defined by the charter enclosed, and it will be the last one of the current project. It is mainly but not exclusively, made for traditional musical and dancing artists. And any kind of expression could be added to the artistic framework suggested by the charter.