Best wishes

We wish you a good Christmas celebration and a happy transition to the New Year...
We also hope to see you again from July 18th to 28th, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Festival in Gannat ...

Pieces of eternity

Best wishes
" While visiting the Gobustan reserve, unlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage in Azerbaidjan, I got fascinated about cave art and rock engravings dating back to 15,000 years ago and describing scenes of prehistoric life: men and women dancing with the shaman. (…)
Here is a good symbol of universality and eternal youth for our children sitting down to the tree of life.
They invite you to come join us to live the Festival of Gannat that has been sharing with you the " World Cultures " for 40 years now ".
Jean Roche

These few words permit you to better understand the 2014 poster above.
See you soon...


The face of the Festival

Here are the 2013 smiles, to end with the past year and invite you to discover new smiles in 2014

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