CIOFF is an international cultural non-governmental Organization (NGO) in formal consultative relations with UNESCO.

CIOFF France

Created in 1970, the duty of CIOFF is safeguarding, promotion and diffusion of traditional culture and folklore. Created forty years ago, CIOFF France gathers up organizers from approximately thirty festivals, associations and institutes working for the promotion and the diffusion of popular cultures, and people eager to participate and support this action. Its « youth » department rallies the young ones around the sharing of cultures for peace.

Dynamics for the culture of peace

Nowadays, artists, festival-goers, organizers and volunteers, all together contribute to the success of CIOFF and its festivals.
The world is colorful, it blossoms in a multicolored and friendly harmony, on our stages, streets and above all, in our hearts.
The « other one » is  not a strange thing, it is a brother, a friend that came with his richness that he is pleased to share. He amazes and is amazed. Tears are nothing more than the expression of an intense happiness and laughters are challenging the unfairness and aggressivity devastating our planet.
Along with CIOFF- France, be broadcasters of peace, generosity and hope.