Entertainment staff

Workshops, dance hall and film society : discover culture differently.
We suggest you activities everyday
during workshops to discover world dances and chants,
during scientific meetings to better understand the cultural challenges of our socities,
and in quite places or in places where you can meet the artists.

Workshops and Festival for kids

Entertainment staff
Workshops to do and to discover...

We offer working groups to discover danses, chants or traditional knowledge...
This implies a team provided with teaching skills and good mood to discover in the best conditions possible.
The climax is definitely the family day, taking place the second saturday, with an afternoon full of varying workshops and a show for kids.
  • That Festival afternoon for kids is supervised by Fabienne Ragon.
  • The workshops are supervised by Bruno Sabalat and Isabelle Cambon.

The film society

Watching the film « Le Chardon » at the theater, you would acquire a different view point, maybe more academic, upon the cultural intangible heritage.
  • Hugues BERTON and Laurent ZEPKA are the ones responsible for these projects.

Places to meet people

Entertainment staff
The open stage is first of all, a place for any artist to freely express oneself. Local or passing through artists can express themselves in any kind of expression, before the programming of thematic shows.

The stage is located outside, at the crossroads of Restaurants of the World. You can contact Nicolas Mayrand if you are interested in participating in the oraganization of such a stage, wether you are attracted by the technical or organizational aspect.

La Guinguette (« the Dance Hall ») is a warm meeting place, similar to the central square of the village of the world, where you can have a drink, play some music notes with musicians from anywhere in the world, be part of thoughtful meetings or admire exhibitions, most of the time about travelling...  
La Guinguette is supervised by Luc Roche and Anne Rozier.

The cabaret is an entertaining musical place by night, that makes possible listening to musical groups, and dancing.
It is also the main meeting point for festival-goers, for the members of music bands, and the night owls of the festival.
The cabaret is supervised by Romain Boucher and Pierre-Julien Cannone.

Entertainment staff