France 3 Auvergne meeting the cultures of the world in Gannat (03)

For 10 days, the city of Gannat intertwines musical cultures. In the France 3 news bulletin of staurday, July 20th, is a special page dedicated to the fortieth edition of the festival; as a hats off to Jean Roche, its founder.

Find the television coverages made by France3 about the Cultures of the World Festival of Gannat

Festival of Gannat, « La Fête au Village »
A television coverage by Philippe Marmy, Valérie Mathieu and Dominique Leyerloup.

The Cultures of the World Festival, created by Jean Roche in 1974, is, first of all, motivated by a message of openness ans sharing. It also represent an added-value to the  intangible cultural heritage, which is fragile, and present on stage as well as in the streets of Gannat, in the partner-cities and townships, such as Jenzat (03), for instance, that hosted Mexican and Peruvian people for a night.

Festival of Gannat, a forty-year experience of hats
Television coverage  by Philippe Marmy, Valéry Mathieu and Dominique Leyerloup.
The longevity of the festival is due to the determination of its founder : Jean Roche, and his famous hats. They tell on their own, the whole history of the festival.