The « Gaston Rivière » room

A multipurpose room, completely equiped...

We host your assemblies, meetings, dance party...

This is the big multipurpose room of the Maison du Folklore, that can host up to 150 people. It has 170 adjustable m², that you can arrange as you want to. It includes a bar that  enables you welcome your guests with a drink.
  • Also, it is especially well equiped for dancing : with mirrors and wood floor.
  • This room can receive different kinds of shows : it includes a stage, curtains, sound equipment, show lights, video projections, and a lighting desk available on a balcony.

  • It can also host seminars and and meetings, and we can provide the catering and housing for up to 50 people.
Nous pouvons également mettre à votre disposition un technicien pour vous accueillir et vous apporter un soutien technique lors de votre venue.

We can provide you with a technician than would help you when you come, for technical support.
To book the room, get some information or clarification, you can contact us at :
 Cultures & Traditions, Maison du Folklore 92 rue des moulins 03800 GANNAT   FRANCE
Or by phone : +33 (0) 470 90 12 67 (Olivia or Amélie)
Or please, fill in our contact form.