Vincent, on the way to happiness...

He was part of the Festival WebTV, he just produced a television coverage, he is now gone again for new adventures on the way to hapiness...

On a trip from Clermont-Ferrand to Paris with 2 video cameras in hand, looking for happy people... Shooting from September 30th to October 14th 2013.
Vincent Brutus produced the « Rurali'Tour » documentary, through meeting Puy-de-Dôme inhabitants with his trailer. 
For his second project, « En route pour la joie » (« On the way to happiness »), he will travel by foot from Clermont-Ferrand to Paris.
See his first television coverage : Rurali'tour.

See his presentation of the On the way to happiness project, as he presented it on the radio show « Carnets de Campagne » with Philippe Bertrand on France Inter et follow his journey day after day , picture after picture and smile after smile via this page : en route pour la joie.