We will miss your smile...

Jean-Pierre Cottin passed away, early in the winter, after a long illness

A smile we will keep in mind
A smile we will keep in mind

That morning in Gueugnon was cold,
that grey morning was grey and our hearts were grey too.

Jean-Pierre, at a family excursion
Jean-Pierre, at a family excursion
You joined our association in 1987, for the festival, as you participated in the planning of housing. You liked to go along with the groups, especially the African ones. You already knew how to play your rôle...
As you worked in our region, you danced « la Bourrée Gannatoise », and we remberer your rigour to train and your delight to dance.

As we know you well, nobody would be surprised to find you in other settings, with you eternal good mood and smile, next to Nathalie, your wife. 
Over time, your children join you, so that you will be a real troop moving with your feathers and costumes.
We also remember that you used to like politics, a taste that you shared with your dad, who was deputy-mayor of Gueugnon. Naturally, you were elected at the municipal council of this city.
Tu liked good wine, and your favorite ones were the wines of your region, since there are lots of quality vintages. You liked to share these savoring with your family and friends.

We remember having celebrated one of your birthdays at La Maison du Folklore, with danses and music.

It was one year ago, the dancers of La Bourrée Gannatoise had appreciated your presence in family for their annual gala ball ; and if you were a bit far away, the social networks testified of your interest for our activities. When reading your messages, we felt like it was only the distance between us that refrained you from being with us as often as before.

We would like to be closer to Nathalie, Hugo and Coralie, as well as you entiere family, to ensure them we are sorry for such a painful time.

How cold it is in our head this morning,
how cold it is in our hearts...